How to Convert Your Blog to an Online Store

How to Convert Your Blog to an Online Store

If you have a successful blog, you can start monetising on the site. Most bloggers sell merchandise and various products on the blog. If you are experiencing high numbers of sales, you might want to consider converting the site to a full-time online store. Here are several tips that may help you achieve that:

Upgrade the Theme and CMS If Needed

Running an online store is much more resource intensive than running a blog. In a general sense, more people would be interacting with an online store, such as by accessing product images and descriptions, than on a blog. So you will need to upgrade your site’s existing theme to a version that would be more suitable for an online store. At the same time, you might want to consider upgrading the content management system as well. If you are using a CMS optimised for blogging, like WordPress, you might want to consider switching over to a CMS that is optimised for ecommerce.

Choose a New Hosting Package

Along with a theme upgrade, upgrade your hosting package as well. Find a suitable business web hosting Australia plan that can meet the demands of an e-store. You should expect more traffic, so get more bandwidth. There should be software upgrades as well. Shop around and consider several plans before selecting one. Don’t forget to read customer reviews so you don’t end up buying an inadequate long-term plan.

Pay Attention to Security Features

Unlike blogs, online shopping websites face far more serious cyber security threats. When you buy your Joomla web hosting plan, make sure there are sufficient server-side security features, such as an SSL certificate, included. Your site would need several in-build security features as well, such as a bug detector and an anti-virus program. Learn more about ways to improve the security of your site. Keep in mind that you need to tightly secure the payment gateway separately. Find a well encrypted payment gateway to add to your site. Don’t underestimate the importance of security because your customers won’t.

Take Steps to Make the Website Load Faster

Online stores need to load as fast as possible, just like blogs. But the issue is that e-stores typically have more components to load. On the plus side, there are workarounds to make each page load faster. You can compress the code and images used on the site to reduce load time for starters. Simplifying the overall store design and eliminating unnecessary components like plugins will improve speed as well.

Understand the Legal Implications

Keep in mind that running an online store is a business in Australia, unlike having your own personal blog. There will be regulations and other laws you might have to comply with depending on the items you sell. You might need to register as a business for legal purposes. You can learn more about these requirements by calling your local business council.

Last but not least, test your site with a sample audience to find out if the changes you have made are actually working. It may take a while to get the design just right.