Everything you need to know about lady Dawood and her contributions

Everything you need to know about lady Dawood and her contributions

When you look into the great ladies of Pakistan, the Dawood name certainly come on top. This is because of the great work that has been done by the lady Dawood for the betterment of the youth and families of Pakistan.

Mariyam Dawood is one of those great women who has made it her responsibility to help the people in need and also to empower the youth to do better in every way. Lady Dawood is a great character who has always cared for the betterment of her people and who has done a great deal that will help them reach out for their success. Let’s talk about the great deeds of the lady Dawood and how her work has helped the youth to take an immense step forward. Here is what you need to know about the contributions that this great lady has made:

The college of visual arts

There was a time in Pakistan when students who were inspired to study arts and progress in the field of arts didn’t have a platform to do so. The lady Dawood who identified this need established the college of visual arts that is now educating thousands of students to achieve them dream in learning arts and reaching out for their dream job. This college is known for having the best facilities and also the guidance of the best and most qualified professionals in the field for the students who are a part of the college.

Provides supports to students

If the lady Dawood finds that are there any problem with the students or the youth of Pakistan, she will go there personally to support those who are in need. The counsel that is given by the lady Dawood has helped a lot of students overcome the problems that they are going through. The support and the advice that has been given by this great lady has showed the way to many of the youth who felt that they were lost.

If you are person who is inspired by the self les acts that are done by the other that has shown fruitful results to better the lives of thousands and more to come, you should certainly look into the great work that is done by the lady Dawood as well as the Dawood foundation as whole. It will certainly inspire you and show you the great type of people who live in this world. In short, the work of the Dawood’s will restore your faith in humanity.