Choosing the Right Images for Your Brand

Choosing the Right Images for Your Brand

Have you ever read or bought a children’s storybook? Remember the vibrant colours and beautiful pictures which adorned the whole book? Did you understand why they are there? Yes, it is because they tell a story. Today the concept and process of marketing have become all about telling a story. You have to tell the story of your brand, the story of your store and customers will find it tasteful hence decide to buy what you’re selling.

What Are the Place Images Have in Your Story?

Consider the children’s book again. Now imagine it without any pictures. Boring, right? Children won’t be interested in looking at a lot of text. Now imagine it without any of the colours that were there. Not even an adult will look at it now. Even though we are not children anymore, if you are selling something, remember that the person you are selling it to has other options, and most of the time they will be able to live without your product or service.

For example, if it is a clothing store you run, obviously even if they don’t buy your dresses, they can go to a hundred other stores, available on and offline. They are also selling various sorts of dresses, pants, shirts and more. Therefore, the place images or pictures have, in telling your brand’s story is very important. Combining it with the right colours comes next but it is also as momentous as the images you use.

Choosing the Right Images

If you visit a certain stores’ website and see a lot of blurry photographs that is your cue to leave. A website with pixelated or watermarked images and dark, dreary colours are, sadly, unsalvageable. Indeed, you know in and out about what you’re selling. But you might not know how to properly market it.

Talk to marketing specialists and decide on the images and colour themes for your store or your online marketplace. Make sure they match each other and can form the first impression you want formed, in your customer’s minds. Spend a few dollars and buy the right images you want. There are so many image repositories; a few images won’t cost you more than the regret you get by not buying them. Talk to a clipping path company and get images edited accordingly.

Further Concerns Regarding the Images

In addition to having a high resolution, being large and relevant, images should be able to tell the story of your brand clearly and concisely. Once you include these images on your website make sure they fit the message that you want to communicate to your present and potential customers. A good set of images will further your presence in not only the website but also your social media channels as well as offline marketing materials such as name boards and signage.

As online presence is of high importance today, recyclable and editable images that you buy from a reputed stock images provider will make life easy by allowing reuse -again and again- and increasing return on investment on what you used on them.